Naxatra TV is a satellite TV channel in Odia Language dedicated for airing news and current affairs programme in 24x7 format. The Channel is fully owned by M/S N K Media Ventures (P) Ltd. The investment made, in the project is 120 million. It will enjoy a presence across the spectrum of general, cultural and business news in Odia language.

The Indian news broadcasting segment has seen a significant amount of activity in the recent past with a growing number of channels competing for the advertising pie and the viewer's mind space. If considered on regional basis there is few exclusive news and current affairs channel in Odia language to feed the news thirst of resident, non-resident Odias as well as Odias residing out of India. Naxatra News channel gave the viewer an opportunity to make in roads into the Odia news market having nearly about 45% market share in the Odia news broadcasting space.

Odisha has seen a significant growth of urban culture since last few years and more and more people are getting media conscious. The current viewer rate in Odisha for all private Odia channels are quiet big per the population. Besides large viewer base in Odisha, Odia population is also thickly shows the pan India presence .