Amla Navami puja at Puri


Bhubaneswar,November 20: The festival of Aanvla Navmi or Amla Navami today is celebrated with joy by women. Women pray for the success and welfare of their family on the day of Aanvla Navmi.
On the occasion of Amla Navami, devotees thronged Sakhigopal temple in Puri to have darshan of the feet of Goddess Radha on Friday.

Aanvla Navami is the other name of Akshaya Navami. It is auspicious day and celebrated with daan-punya activities by the observers. 

Anvla navmi Puja is of special significance for women. This day ladies perform special puja and pray before Indian Goose Berry Tree or Amla tree. If the aanvla tree is not present in close vicinity of the house, a small branch of the tree can be brought to the house for performing puja. 

During the occasion, 14 platoons force have been deployed. Also, proper arrangements were made for vehicular traffic movement during the darshan.

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