Pakistani Taliban Commander Reported Killed in Drone Strike in Afghanistan


Islamabad:26; An air strike against militants in Ali Shir district of the eastern Khost province has claimed the lives of 10 armed insurgents including a Pakistani Taliban commander Sayed Sajna on Wednesday, a security official said Thursday.

The commander, Khan Sayed, led a breakaway faction of the Pakistani Taliban.

According to witnesses, Taliban commanders were meeting to resolve disputes when the drone strike took place.
"Sajna (Sayed)) was a leading figure of the Pakistan Taliban," said a senior Pakistani military official said.

"Both Pakistani security forces and Americans were after him for a long time."

If the commander's death is confirmed, "it would certainly be a big blow to the Taliban,both in Pakistan and Afghanistan," a Pakistani Taliban commander said.

In 2014, Sajna publicly rejected the Pakistani Taliban's leader, Maulana Fazlullah, and said his faction would continue to fight on its own. The feud erupted after an American drone strike killed Fazlullah's predecessor, Hakimullah Mehsud.

Sajna said in a statement that he was leaving because "the present leadership has lost its path."

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