France's Hollande, Russia's Putin Agree to Closer Anti-ISIS Collaboration

Moscow; Nov.27: French President Francois Hollande and Russia's Vladimir Putin agreed to share intelligence information and cooperate on selecting targets in the fight against ISIS, raising hope for closer ties between Moscow and the U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition following the Paris terror attacks.

However, the Russian president warned that any further acts like the Turkish attack on the Russian jet could damage the changed of forming a collaboration.

The U.S reportedly has not warmed up to the idea of France chalking out a working agreement among the foreign powers, as it has accused Russia of attacking Syria's enemies among the American-backed rebels, rather than the Islamic State, the daily reports.

Meanwhile, Hollande has stressed that he and Putin have agreed to carry out the attacks specifically against ISIS and terrorists.

Putin has asserted that he assumed there would not be any more similar incidents like the downing of the Russian jet by Turkey.

Russian is still seething after Turkish F-16s downed the Russian jet over the Syrian border, however, Turkey says that the Russian plane breached its airspace and was warned five times to turn back.

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