Taliban Attack On Kandahar Airport Death Toll Reaches 18; Gun Battle Ongoing


Kandhar; Dec.9: At least 18 people have been killed after the attack on Afghanistan's Kandahar airport as a gun battle between Taliban insurgents and security forces is still ongoing.

"The operation is going very slowly as the Taliban have taken six people hostage including two women and two children, so we have to act cautiously," said Dawood Shah Wafadar, commander of the 205 Atal army corps in southern Afghanistan.

He said at least 18 members of the security forces and civilians had been killed and 11 wounded, including two women. Nine Taliban had been killed out of a 14-strong assault force.

Officials said the fighters had attacked a perimeter area of the huge and heavily fortified complex on Tuesday evening, initially taking up position in a school in a residential area.

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