Death Toll Reachs To 50 In Kandahar Airport Siege


Kandahar; Dec.10: The death toll from a 27-hour Taliban siege of Kandahar airport has jumped to 50, the Afghan defence ministry said today, after a conference in Pakistan shored up international support for reviving peace talks.

"Fifty of our innocent countrymen, including 10 soldiers, two policemen and 38 civilians, were martyred in the attack," the ministry said in a statement, adding that 37 others were wounded.

Eleven suicide bombers stormed the airport on Tuesday, taking families hostage and triggering firefights with soldiers.

The raid, which saw militants blowing themselves up among civilians before Afghan troops secured the area, is seen as the most serious attack in 14 years of war on the complex, the largest military installation in the south of the country.

The Taliban posted a picture on their website of the militants it said were involved in the attack. It shows 10 young men sporting trimmed beards, Kalashnikovs and identical military uniforms. The face of one of them is obscured with blue ink for unknown reasons.

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