Ollywood Actor Sabyasachi Injured During Shooting


Bhubaneswar; Dec.12:  Ollywood 'chocolate boy' Sabyasachi Mishra, has been injured as an accident occurred during a film shoot near Jagatpur in Cuttack. He received injuries in his ear, nose and neck.

Sources said, he was first admitted in a hospital in Cuttack and later shifted to private hospital in Bhubaneswar.

At around 4.30 pm on Friday, shooting was going on for the film, 'Hela Mote Prema Jara'. The sequence was that hero (Sabyasachi) was to rescue heroine from hooligans. Fighting shots between the hero and the hooligans was going on with light, action and camera but, to everybody's astonishment, Sabyasachi was found suddenly bleeding.

Reportedly, the injury occurred when a kick by his opponent in the fight scene landed straight on his neck.

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