Every community must feel a part of national narrative: President


New Delhi: Dec 14; President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday said that every community must feel a part of the national narrative.

Delivering the Indira Gandhi Memorial Lecture of the Asiatic Society in Kolkata, Mukherjee said every citizen must recognise primacy of national interest over group or individual interests.

"We must strive to maintain an atmosphere where every community feels a part of the national narrative. We must promote a way of life that does not interfere with civic duties, rights and responsibilities of individuals," Mukherjee said.

Underlining that every citizen of the country must have knowledge about the different religions and great saints who took birth in India, Mukherjee said basic unity that keeps the people together amidst the immense diversity should be ingrained in every individual citizen.

"Every citizen must be broadly aware of our long history and the great civilizations that grew on this soil. Every citizen of this country must know what India is and has been. The foundations of national integration must be laid in the minds and hearts of all Indians," he said.

"Problems of our nation can be successfully handled if we think together, work together and grow together," he added.

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