I Haven't Signed Any Film, In Hollywood Or Here, As Of 2016: Deepika Padukone


Mumbai; Dec.16: While reliable sources say that Deepika Padukone has more or less signed on the dotted line and is all set for her Hollywood debut, the actress doesn't want to let cat out of the bag yet. The image of hers with Vin Diesel that she had shared on Twitter had sparked speculations about her impending Hollywood debut. 

However, Deepika clarified that she has not signed any film, neither in Hollywood nor in her home turf. "I don't know what you guys are talking about. To set the record straight, as we speak, I have signed no film as of 2016. I have not signed any film in Bollywood or Hollywood. Bajirao Mastani is my last release, I have not signed any." 

And when she was pointedly asked about her picture with Vin Diesel and her rumoured trip to the US to 'sign the deal', the actress joked, "It is photo-shopped ya. It is the same bald head that Akshay Kumar used."

She further said, "Of course, I am open to the idea of doing a Hollywood movie. Creatively I am open to the idea, it is the same way I decided to do Finding Fanny where I tried to do something different. I would like to explore working in a different set up and in a different environment but as of now, as we speak, I have not signed."

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