Call Money Scam: 58 Opposition MLAs Suspends Over Uproar In Andhra Pradesh Assembly


Hyderabad; Dec.18:  YSR Congress president Jagan Mohan Reddy and 58 opposition MLAs were suspended from Andhra Pradesh Assembly on Friday after uproar over call money scam.

The Members of Legislative Assembly were suspended after an uproar over the Call Money scam.

A massive blackmail, extortion and sex racket linked to Call Money was exposed in Andhra Pradesh, in which 80 people from different political parties have been arrested.

Call money is a loan that is just a phone call away, with money delivered at one's doorstep.

The flipside is that the lender can demand it back at any time and if the borrower cannot repay, the lender can take away property.

According to the police, women were coerced into sexual exploitation on not being able to return the amount.

The lenders demanded rates of interest that were as high as 120 percent to 200 percent. Promissory notes and blank cheques were taken against the loans

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