Vijender eyes another knockout show against Hyuseinov


Manchester: Dec 18; ijender Singh would be eyeing a third successive knockout victory but the task seems easier said than done against an experienced and aggressive Samet Hyuseinov when the two square off in the star Indian boxer's maiden six-round professional contest on Saturday.

Vijender has so far competed in four-round bouts, winning both of them via knockouts.
Against Hyuseinov, who has 14 fights under his belt -- seven of them being victories -- the bout will be of six rounds even though the Indian has promised to wrap it up much earlier than the stipulated time.

Hyuseinov, on his part, has been as aggressive with his words and has vowed to send Vijender back to India "beaten and broken".

The Bulgarian has missed no opportunity to harp on him being the more experienced of the two and has gone to the extent of calling Vijender a "play-actor boxer", taking a dig at the Indian's movie appearance.

"How do you respond to such threats? I can only laugh, let him say what he feels like. He has all the freedom to say what he wants. But I talk only in the ring and in a language he will understand quite well," this was the response of the former Olympic and World Championships bronze-medallist when asked about Hyuseinov's tall claims.

"If he is experienced, than I am no less. I am an Olympic medallist. Obviously he is more experienced in the pro circuit but I am experienced enough not to be affected by it," he said.

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