K'jhar Municipality Chairperson Voted Out


Bhubaneswar: Dec 29; Chairperson of the Kendujhargarh Municipality Meena Majhi on Monday lost in the no-confidence motion after 15 councillors voted against her.

The councillors who voted against Majhi included nine from the BJD and six from the Congress. In the 21-member civic body, 14 councillors are from the BJD, six from the Congress and one from the BJP.

Notably, the BJD had issued a whip to its councillors on Sunday asking them not to vote in the no-trust motion. However, nine BJD councillors participated in the motion.

A total of 16 councillors of the municipality were present during the no-trust motion of which 15 voted in favour of the motion while one abstained from voting.

Reacting to the development, BJD leader of the district and Minister Badri Narayan Patra said, "Action would be taken against the BJD councilors, who voted against the chairperson defying the party whip, as per the new anti-defection law."

It is worth mentioning that as per the directive of Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, Meena Majhi had been made the chairperson though the post is not specifically meant for women. But dissatisfied over the functioning of Majhi, the BJD councillors had lodged a complaint with the DRDA Project Director and demanded a no-confidence motion against her in writing.

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