Lord Lingaraj Earns Mere Rs50K per year


Bhubaneswar: Jan 1; Believe it, Lord Lingaraj, the presiding deity of Bhubaneswar, has a meagre income of Rs50,000 per annum though He owns vast landed property, thanks to the unscrupulous affluent people who have illegally occupied the lords property worth over Rs200 crore.

According to official records, Lord Lingaraj owns 1,523.879 acres of land, out of which only 225.793 acres is found in the Record of Right (RoR). Sadly, the Directorate of Endowment has no clear information about the remaining land.

The authorities admit that 35.938 acres of Lord Lingaraj's land worth over Rs 200 crore in Bhubaneswar and its adjacent areas have been illegally occupied. The temple administration is getting less than Rs 50,000 per year from the land available. The earning was Rs 43,580 in 2012-13 while it was Rs 32,630 in 2013-14. Hence, the annual average of income is between Rs 20 and Rs 25 per acre. Lord Lingaraj also has 16.470 acres of land in different places of Andhra Pradesh like Belpatia, Sanapadma and Sukula.

Sources said that with the expansion of the capital city in Bhubaneswar, the lands of Lord Lingaraj have been occupied by encroachers and no effort has been made so far to reclaim the landed property.

The temple administration has not sold an inch of land in the past 10 years. While the valuation of the landed property of the lord is rising day by day, the mafias and illegal occupants are getting benefits from the land. Surprisingly, no Hindu organisations or saints have raised their voice against the illegal occupation.

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