Jual Oram claims Center on slow CBI investigations in chit fund and coal mining scam in Odisha.


Bhubaneswar, Jan 2: A statement that creats controversy in Odisha politics today, Union Tribal Affairs Minister Jual Oram on Friday claimed that the Central Government has gone slow on CBI investigations into the chit fund and coal mining scam in Odisha.

The Central Government has let  State Government off in many issues including chit fund and mining. Had it not been the case, the CBI would have finished them off already. They should thank (the Center) for it, said Oram speaking to an Odisha based private news channel.

Upon further questioning, however, Oram tried to twist his own words a bit.

"The investigation has actually slowed down but still going on. They haven't let the State Government off. But, as everyone knows the investigations have slowed down. It is not going at the expected speed," he added.

"The question you asked is a technical question. It can't be answered here," he said reacting to the question that wanted to find out the reason behind the slowdown in investigation.

Oram, whose party leads the NDA government in the Center, is expected to know why the investigation by the central agency has slowed down. Interestingly, Oram didn't rule out knowing the reason either. He simply refused to tell on record.

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