Humandoid ROBOT "Manav" Launched At IIT BBSR


Bhubaneswar: Jan 10; The A-SET Training & Research Institutes, New Delhi, launched India's first 3D printed humanoid robot 'Manav' at IIT Bhubaneswar on Saturday.

Manav is 2 feet in height, weighs 2kg and is powered by 21 servos. It can perform stunning activities such as headstands, push-ups, and can also play football. It can follow instructions. It has two cameras as eyes and two headphones as ears. It can dance better than humans and is ideal for researchers to explore the boundaries in robotics.

"We are also working on the technologies that would make people immortal". We are already having technologies that can sense how the brain is reacting and what exactly is the brain thinking. By those technologies we are copying a person's consciousness and the ability to learn and understand the environment on a computer. Once it is done successfully, the system would be able to exactly replicate a real human's consciousness," said Robotics and Research A-SET Training and Research Institute head Diwakar Vaish.

Manav will be available for purchase between `1.5 and `2.5 lakh, which generally in market costs `15 lakh.

The robot can be customized as per the consumer's wishes. Compared to last year, this year's tech fest was bigger and better and with more robots. It is small initiative to help differently -abled friends to support their daily work, he added.  

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