BJP Starts Campaigning For Champua Polls


Champua: Jan 12; The BJP started campaigning for the Champua NAC elections, which would be held on January 19.

This is the first election after Champua was declared NAC on December 23, 2014. The BJP opened the party office on Monday in ward no 2 and 5 and co-coordinating office near the lane of the Tehsil office.

The party workers and supporters are hopeful that BJP will counter the high voltage propaganda of BJD and capture the Champua NAC by taking advantage of silence of Champua MLA Sanatan Mahakud, who had not fielded any candidate in the election.

The recent defeat of BJD in Keonjhar Municipality in which BJD councilors defied the Chief whip is another boosting factor behind their hope of capturing the Champua NAC.

Former MP Ananta Naik, former Deputy Chief Whip Mohan Majhi, Ramesh Pradhan, Aganu Mahatma, Biraja Mishra and Ranjit Mahakud were present.

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