Largest open air theatre in the world, "Dhanu Yatra" to begin today


Bargarh, Jn 14: Western Odisha's most awited festival 'Dhanu Yatra',which plays 11 long days as the world's largest open air theatre is beginning today.

Dhanu Yatra will feature the enactment of the mythological anecdote of 'Krishna Leela and Mathura Vijay,' and the whole Bargarh city is all decked up to turn into a huge open air theatre.

Bargarh town has been decorated as Mathurapuri, the capital city of Kansa's kingdom. The play will kick start from Hatapada – which will feature as the tyrant king’s Raj Darbar (Royal Court) – and Ambapalli, which will adorn the look of Gopapura, where Lord Krishna will spend his childhood.

Day one of the festival today will begin with the wedding of King Kansa's sister Devaki with Basudev.

One of the biggest attractions of the festival has been the character of King Kansa, played by Hrushikesh Bhoi. Bhoi, rules the city as King Kansa during the 11-day festival and all the citizens, including administrative officials, become its subjects. During his reign, Kansa does not spare anyone found violating civil laws. During the festival, even ministers are pulled up by king Kansa for any lapses in governance and developmental work.

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