After flights now fog affects trains also; 79 trains cancelled, 9 running late due to fog


New Delhi, Jan 14: Foggy weather continued to create disruption in train movement with more than 70 trains remaining cancelled and nine Delhi-bound trains, including Guwahati Rajdhani and Poorva Express, running behind schedule today.

Purushottam Express, Kashi Viswanath Express, Lichhavi Express, Mahabodhi Express are among nine trains running late by two to three hours due to fog, a senior Northern Railway official said.

Services of a total of 79 trains, including those announced earlier, remained cancelled owing to the bad weather condition.

Northern Railway had announced the cancellation of many trains earlier as fog action plan keeping the impending adverse weather in mind.

However, the railways have decided to fully restore the services of 30 pairs of Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Janshatabdi, Duranto trains and increase frequency of 96 of other popular trains from tomorrow after reviewing the fog situation

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