85 Acres provided for 108-feet Budha Statue in Jajpur


Jajpur, Jan 23: The district administration of Jajpur has handed over around 85 acres of Government land at the Neulapur Hill to the State Tourism Department to build a 108-feet statue of Lord Buddha at a cost of `15 crore.

District Collector Satya Kumar Mallick said on Thursday, "The Tourism Department will start construction works for the statue and a guesthouse and a museum at the site soon." 

"The objective of construction of the Buddha statue is to give a major thrust to cultural tourism. We will also build proper roads for tourists to visit the famous Buddhist sites of Ratnagiri, Lalitagiri and Udayagiri in the district," he said.

Jajpur has a rich Buddhist heritage with several important sites associated with the life of Lord Buddha, which are of great interest for followers of Buddhism the world over. The statue of Buddha would project the Buddhist heritage of the State, said the Collector.

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