With visit, Obama aims to push acrimony


His schedule is jam-packed, including official meetings with President Raul Castro and an event with U.S. and Cuban entrepreneurs.

U.S. President Barack Obama, on Sunday, arrived in Cuba for a 48-hour visit. Air Force One touched down at Havana’s airport late Sunday afternoon after a three-hour flight from Washington. The President was joined by wife Michelle Obama and daughters, Malia and Sasha, on the flight, with dozens of U.S. lawmakers and business leaders arriving separately for the visit.

The visit, the first by a U.S. President in 88 years, would have been unthinkable until Mr. Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro agreed in December 2014 to end an estrangement that began when the Cuban revolution overthrew a pro-American government in 1959.

Mr. Obama's joins Mr. Castro and a crowd of baseball-crazed Cubans for a game between the beloved national team and Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays. The president also planned a speech at the Grand Theater of Havana laying out his vision for greater freedoms and more economic opportunity in Cuba.

Source The Hindu

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