Spell out steps taken to tackle riots: Sufi outfit to govt


Noting there is a "sense of fear" among Muslims due to riots, an outfit representing Sufis today urged the government to alleviate this.

It also urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to spell out steps taken with regard to small or big communal incidents and riots that have taken place "so far" across the country.

All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board (AIUMB) president Syed Mohammad Ashraf asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to "rectify historical blunders" and pay heed to the community's demands including initiation of measures to tackle the trend of replacing Sufism by extremist ideologies.

Speaking at a mass congregation marking the conclusion of the first World Sufi Forum here, Ashraf said there has been a lack of representation for majority of the Muslim populace on "key positions" and urged the government to look into it.

At the gathering at Ram Lila Maidan, AIUMB also released a 25-point declaration, in which it urged governments across the world including the Modi dispensation to "revive" Sufism in their bid to combat terrorism.

"There is a sense of fear among Muslims due to riots.

Government should alleviate this fear and Union Home Ministry should spell out what steps have been taken with regard to all the small or big communal incidents and riots that have taken place so far in different parts of the country," the declaration reads.

The outfit denounced "every course" of sectarianism and described it as "threat to India's solidarity".

"We request all governments of the world, especially the Government of India, to extend full cooperation for the revival of Sufism," it added.

Ashraf expressed concern that there have been "concerted efforts" to weaken Sufism in India and to replace it with "extremist and radical" ideologies and sought the government's intervention in arresting the trend.

Source (PTI)

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