Bihar booze ban: Dry with no high, 750 fall ill, 1 even eats soap for a buzz


ihar's alcoholics have been left dry without a high.
After the Nitish Kumar government banned all alcohol in the state on Tuesday, doctors have had to deal with hundreds of people going through alcohol withdrawal.

Without the booze, many got the jitters, literally. Some people failed to recognize family members and one man even ate a bunch of soap bars hoping to get high.

As of Wednesday, at least 749 such people were brought to the state's 38 new de-addiction centres, according to reports received by the State Health Society of Bihar (SHSB).

The 30-year-old man who failed to recognize his family used to drink 600-1200ml of country liquor every day until March 31, after which desi booze was banned.

"He could not stand properly when he was brought. He is experiencing tremors on and off," said an Aurangabad de-addiction centre's officer, Dr R K Singh, told TOI.

Television channels on Wednesday showed an alcoholic in Bettiah district chewing a soap bar in his desperation to consume "anything like liquor".

Some de-addiction centres reported that people ate large amounts of paper and downed painkillers to get high.
"Also, the de-addiction centre at Nalanda Medical College & Hospital in Patna has referred to us a teenage patient who had turned pretty violent. His family members told us the boy was a heavy drinker and had started chewing whatever he could lay his hands on, including chilli, since Tuesday," said Rakhi Sharma, a counsellor from Disha, a private rehab centre roped in by the government to assist in its de-addiction drive.

Source TOI

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