Panama pledges to fight money laundering after leaks


Panama's President Juan Carlos Varela assured his French counterpart Francois Hollande his country was committed to cooperating in the fight against money laundering, his office said.Varela, whose government is reeling from the so-called Panama Papers leaks, spoke with Hollande over phone after France said it was putting his country back on its list of those that do not cooperate in efforts to track down tax dodgers.Varela emphasized Panama's "commitment to continue cooperating with the international community in the fight against the improper use of financial and corporate services," the presidency said.

Hollande for his part "strongly encouraged" the Central American country to respond to information requests from French tax authorities and begin automatic data-sharing "as quickly as possible," his office said.Earlier, the French finance ministry officially returned Panama to its list of Uncooperative States and Territories (ETNC), four years after removing it following a bilateral deal on fighting tax evasion.

Source TOI

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