Guj fishermen urges speedy visa to bring back boats captured by Pak


Fishermen's organization Akhil Gujarat Machhimar Mahamandal (AGMM) has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to speed up visa process for fishermen's representatives from Gujarat to visit Pakistan to get back 22 Indian boats captured by Pakistan Marine Security Angency (PMSA).

"The Pakistan government has agreed to release 22 Indian boats which were captured by PMSA but due to some unknown reasons they are unable to grant visa to four members of team of Indian delegation who are waiting to visit Pakistan to get back Indian fishing boats'' Manish Lodhari, Vice-President, AGMM, said in his letter.

"The 22 Indian boats were recently surveyed by our Indian delegation who visited Pakistan in March this year, and boats are in good conditions to tow back to Indian shore. The team members have again applied for visa and submitted their passport to Pakistan high commission last month, but we do not understand why Pakistan high commission is not granting visa to them. We have very short period as monsoon is approaching and once the monsoon is set, it would very difficult to bring back boats this seasons'' Lodhari added.

"We have written to Indian government urging them to release Pakistan's boats so that our fishermen get their boats back," he added.
Source TOI

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