Five states with 5 individual results and no common thread whatsoever


If you had to tease out a trend - a common factor - from across the results of the five states' Assembly polls, you'd be hard-pressed to find one. Neither corruption nor anti-incumbency ruled the day.
Broadly speaking, across five states, the Congress is looking to be a big loser, the BJP looks set to be a big gainer and the Left appears it will be left about even.

The two most formidable women in Indian politics, Mamata Banerjee and J Jayalalithaa emerged clear winners in their states on Thursday - and they were incumbents.

Mamata Banerjee's TMC looked set to sweep West Bengal despite being closely associated with two big corruption scandals, the Narada and the Sarada scams. The TMC has won 177 seats of the 294 Assembly seats in West Bengal. Including those wins, the TMC is leading in 212 seats.

The Left's alliance with the Congress was seen for what it exactly was - opportunism. The alliance has won a mere 60 seats and is ahead in 13, which puts it ahead in a paltry 73 seats.

The Left-Congress combine's projected chief minister Surjya Kant Mishra has actually lost his Narayangarh seat for the first time since 1991. Mishra was seen as one of the architects of the Congress-CPM alliance.

The Left's loss was the BJP's gain. It has actually won 3 seats here and is ahead in 2 - in 2011 it didn't win a single seat. Its vote share has actually gone up to 10% from 4% in the 2011 Assembly polls.
Source TOI

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