PNG Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said performance of BJD Government in last 16 years is dismal


PNG Minister Dharmendra Pradhan  came down heavily on the State Government alleging the latter failed grossly to address the basic issues of the State. Pradhan, when asked by media to comment on the second anniversary of the fourth term of the BJD Government, said even after 16 long years of rule by the BJD, people in the State were still struggling for drinking water and electricity and job opportunities.  

“If I analyse the performance of the Government’s 16 years of rule, this is absolutely disappointing,” said Pradhan. “In my honest opinion, the performance of the BJD Government in the last 16 years is dismal. A party, in spite of being in power for such a long time, has failed to provide basic amenities like drinking water and electricity to the people. Besides, it has failed to ensure justice to the duped chit fund investors,” said Pradhan. 

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