Dr. Pratibha Ray's twenty-first novel 'Sesha Iswara' released


Gyanpith award winning author, Dr Pratibha Ray's twenty-first novel, “Sesha Ishwara" (Publisher : Adya Prakashanee) was launched by Bhashayan at Bhubaneswar in a grand function at The Press Club of Odisha on 23rd May 2016.  "Bhashayan" is a reputed literary organization based in Bhubaneswar dedicated to showcase the rich literary heritage of Odisha ,with an objective to build a network of Odia literature all over the country.

The program started off with an innovative audio-visual presentation on the book, an apt initiation into the world of Masak Nomad, the protagonist of the book.  

Sesha Iswara  explores the psycho-social factors of  terrorism, in the violent by-lanes of the world, in the most unusual way. It is a post-modern novel of religious and ideological factionalism and the search for global peace. The scourge of terrorism spreads the world over, immutable and ever increasing. Innocent lives are snuffed out in wars of religious bigotry and fundamentalism. Wading across the Hindu, Muslim and Christian worlds unfolds the story of Masak Nomad's search for God.    

Shri Satakodi Hota presided over the function and the speakers included Dr.Prafulla Chandra Mohanty, Prof.Harekrushna Satpathy, Prof.Basant Kumar Panda who discussed on different and distinct aspects of the book and lauded the universal appeal of the theme on which the novel is based. Shri Debaprasad Dash hosted the program in his inimitable manner and engaged the author, Pratibha Ray in an interesting dialogue about the book. Dr.Adyasha Das, Secretary of Bhashayan, extended the vote of thanks.The program was marked by the presence of luminaries from the field of  literature. 

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