Why Manmohan Singh is Breaking His Silence Now


Manmohan Singh is a man of few words. And it was on this plank that the Modi government came to power. Modi had, throughout his campaign for the 2014 Lok Sabha polls, hit out at Dr Manmohan Singh for being silent and not speaking up, even when 'rules were being flouted under his watch'.

But even by his standards of speaking less, Manmohan Singh has been rather too silent in the two-and-a-half years that he has been out of power.

There have been only two occasions when Manmohan Singh has spoken out and both the occasions have been significant.

Responding to a CNN-NEWS18 expose on the Mallya Mails, Manmohan Singh denied that any undue favours were given to liquor baron Vijay Mallya when he was Prime Minister. “I did nothing that flouted the rules. I only followed procedure,” he said.

In fact, Manmohan Singh, an economist who believes in open economy, has always advocated helping industrialists for ease of doing business. But it has come back to haunt the former prime minister.

The last time Manmohan Singh spoke was on demonetisation. He called it a monumental disaster and coming from a former prime minister and a known economist, his criticism carried weight. The BJP was quick to hit back.

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