My equation with SRK remains fine but the clash was unhealthy: Hrithik


Hrithik Roshan is a man of many moods. Especially on a day he’s had back-to-back promotional appearances. As we settled in for an interview, the actor, his honeyed eyes giving away the fatigue, asked for a short breather. "I'll take a break for five minutes if that's okay," he told us, before taking off. 

And the man's as good as his word. In not more than five, we were talking about Kaabil, the challenges he's faced in life and his irresistible urge to push the boundaries. Keeping him company was his co-star Yami Gautam, five years vintage on the Bollywood shelf but promising nonetheless. Saddled low on a couch and scribbling on a notepad, the poster boy of all things suave lets us into his headspace.

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