BEd degree from Jammu & Kashmir institutions will now be valid in Bihar


PATNA: Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) degree from the University of Jammu and the University of Kashmir will now be valid in Bihar for appointment of teachers in secondary and higher secondary schools.

Bihar cabinet on Friday approved an education department' proposal to make some necessary amendment in the Secondary and Higher Secondary Teachers (Recruitment and Service Conditions) Rules, to facilitate the validity of the B.Ed degrees obtained from the educational institutions under the two universities of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

Earlier, Bihar government had refused to recognise the B.Ed degree from any institutions of the Jammu & Kashmir on the plea that northern state does not come under the purview of the National Council for Teachers' Education (NCTE) that regulates teachers' training in the rest of the country.

The Bihar cabinet also approved a 'Road Development Vision-2020' for expansion of road infrastructure across the state. The cabinet meeting was presided over by CM Nitish Kumar.

"Under the Road Development Vision-2020, all state highways would be widened to minimum of two lanes, while all long-distance district roads would have a minimum width of 5.5 metres," principal secretary (cabinet secretariat) Brajesh Mehrotra told reporters after the cabinet meeting.

He said, all dilapidated and narrow bridges /culverts on the roads would be renovated and all state roads and major districts roads with regular traffic density would get RCC bridges instead of those fixed on screw piles.

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