How to keep calm and carry on ahead of boards


BHUBANESWAR: No one likes examinations. But with board exams just a month away, youngsters across the state have worked themselves up into a fever pitch of marks and mock tests. With expectations of a whole future riding on these tests, parents and students both do not usually have the easiest of times braving the study leave that comes before the boards. With sleeplessness, nausea, loss of appetite and headaches paving the way for heightened anxiety levels, toppers and high scorers of previous years spell out ways to remain stress-free at this time of the year.

All work and some play: Staying glued to books continuously for hours may lead to more stress. "I play football and never missed a day's match before my exams. Whatever hours one studies, they must be prepared to fully concentrate in. Spend the rest of the time indulging in hobbies like painting, singing, dancing or games," said Soubhik Samal, a Class XI student who secured 10 CGPA in his Class X board last year.

Take a break: Short breaks after every two hours help during preparation. "One can take a walk or listen to music or chat with friends. But smart phones should be avoided as they can stretch your break to a few hours at times and distract you from the work at hand, often with terrible results," said Sheetal Rout, who scored above 95% in class X board last year.

Say no to midnight lamp: It's no use staying up longer than usual. "I would suggest at least six to eight hours of sleep in the night. Besides, one can go for a small nap in the afternoon," said Priyanka Panigrahi, one of the top scorers of last year's board exam.
Source TOI

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