The slow-moving, conservative image of the typical government servant is clearly a myth. In Karnataka, too many of them are anything but the conventional family men / women, and we know this because the State Government Employees' Association is overwhelmed by complaints of extra-marital affairs and ill-treatment of parents and spouses. In fact, such is the menace that the association has issued a warning to all its members, saying if they didn't get their act together, severe punishment would be coming their way.

Assam recently issued a similar notification to all its state government employees, asking them to look after their families and their parents, or face action. On similar lines, the office-bearers of the state government employees' association of Karnataka too have decided to act on complaints coming to them.

Forum's president BP Manje Gowda said it has come to the notice of the government that there were repeated complaints against government servants of ill-treating their families. "A government official should live in a dignified manner. Those who ignore their families or are indifferent to them lose the public's confidence. If he or she fails to live up to their familial commitments, action will be taken against them," he said.

The association, which has close to 6.4 lakh members, gets these complaints almost every day. "We get many complaints daily and almost all of them are family-related, such as extra-marital affairs, indifference towards spouse or children, ignoring of aged parents, and such. Some even end up as FIRs at the police station. This is why we need a serious order from the government that sends a strong message to all erring government employees," said Manje Gowda.

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