First nursery list to come out today


New Delhi: Private schools in Delhi will release their first list of children selected for nursery admission on Tuesday.

Parents are waiting for the list eagerly, especially after the neighbourhood criteria initially prescribed by the government was scrapped by the Delhi high court, and schools were asked to make admissions on the basis of their own standard.

Many parents in the city had selected schools on the basis of the neighbourhood criteria that was prepared by the government, despite knowing that the criteria on the basis of which admissions are to be made was subject to change.

The HC had passed the interim verdict in favour of the schools on the last day of submission of forms, leaving the parents in a soup.

Pooja Kumar, a parent living in Yojna Vihar, told TOI she had filled out all forms on the basis of the neighbourhood criteria, but following the HC verdict, her chances to gain admission anywhere looked bleak.

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