Death Certificate to a living woman in kalimela


Malkangiri: How callous the Government machinery is unveiled in Naxtra News Camera. In an exclusive
report filed by the Naxtra News reporter of Malkangiri Santosh Nag, it was seen that a lady named

S.Madhuri of Kalimala in Malkangiri District could manage to get a death certificate even though she is
alive . The intention of availing such a death certificate from the Sub collector office, Malkangiri is yet to

be ascertained. After telecast of the news in Naxtra News now the Sub collector has ordered to probe
the matter. Even after the fraud is captured in Naxtra News camera the mother of the 32 year old lady s.

Nagamani confidently reiterating that her daughter is dead. As per information Family of S. Madhuri
obtained the death certificate on 8 th January 2015. The letter no of the Sub collector office Malkangiri is

MC72214. The letter was issued on the basis of the recommendation of ex Sarapancha of Kalimela
Mala Madhi .

In a further investigation by the reporter it came to light that S.Madhuri has took a loan of Rs 30, 000/-
from a Micro finance company named Adhikar on 20 th February 2017. From the credentials she has
deposited to avail the loan, it was found that her husband’s name is Gangadhar Choudhury
The Member of legislative Assembly of Malkangiri, Mr. Manas Madkami too expressed his concern over
the matter and held district administration and The ex Sarapanch responsible for this.
A clandestine and an ulterior intension are suspected in availing such a certificate.

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