Eastern Region States To Conduct Joint Elephant Census


The State Forest and Environment Department has successfully organized a Regional Workshop for synchronized elephant population census to estimate the number of pachyderms across the Eastern region States here on Friday.

The massive exercise of counting the number of elephants scheduled between May 9 and 12 will cover Eastern region states, comprising Odisha, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and West Bengal. Senior forest officials from all states of the eastern zone participated in the two-day workshop.

The workshop focused on adopting both direct and indirect sighting of elephants across different states in the eastern region. The census will help determine accurate distribution of elephants. With this, the growth rate or the decline rate of the population for the next 20 years can be studied. It will also help in understanding the demography of elephants in the wild.

Whether elephant habitats undergo changes due to human intervention, the male-female ratio and other related information will be obtained through the census. All the forest officials were sensitized on elephant census through books.

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