IIT Madras in Favour of Industry-Funded Research, Likely to Hire Foreign Faculty


Premier engineering institute, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras (Chennai) will hire about 100 foreign nationals as faculty members in a span of time.
Preliminary Goals of IIT Madras:
It plans to hire 25 nationals from different countries, in order to give a push to the initiative.

The institute is also focussing on improving the industry-institute partnerships in terms of research activities.

It will also work towards increasing the number and amount of donations coming from former students and other Indian stakeholders.

It will give a push to job placements wherein big brands and companies, as well as corporates, will be invited to the institute for hiring and recruitment processes.

The institute also plans to nurture entrepreneurial skills among the engineering students.
In order to achieve these goals, a Rs.750 crore budget has been set aside and sanctioned by the union government for the next financial year.
With these initiatives, the officials of the institute hope that the international faculty members who will be hired will ultimately bring in diverse ideas. To implement this idea fruitfully, the institute is carefully assessing the factors that will attract foreign faculty to it, and what will not.
Programmes and initiatives such as Make in India will only accomplish in the true sense if research and development are given due attention, which is why IIT Madras has the above plan in mind.

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