On fasting, UP CM Adityanath is no less than PM Narendra Modi


PM Narendra Modi is known for keeping rigorous annual fasts new but the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh is no less.

Next week, Adityanath is expected to undergo a nine day fast that he does every year to observe Chaitra navratri that begins on March 28.

This is the time of the year Yogi Adityanath, according to close aides, eats only potatoes, fruits and food items made from buckwheat (kuttu).

"There is also a vishesh puja held that is held during this time. Scholars from the Sanskrit mahavidyalaya that Maharaj (Yogi Adityanath) runs conduct this puja," an associate of Yogi Adityanath said. The CM who took charge on Tuesday will travel to Gorakhpur next week for the puja and will keep the fast for all nine days.

However, during the other Navratri that is celebrated during October, Adityanath remains confined to the Gorakhpur Math in multiple prayer and meditation sessions. One of his close aides recalled that a few years ago Aditynath had broken the tradition a few years ago when a train accident had occurred and had travelled to the site.

Swami Chinmayanand who has been a minister in the Vajpayee cabinet explaining the importance of the worship of nine forms of Shakti during this time said, "Adityanath has been observing the fast since 1984 ever since he got the diksha from his guru.

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