French presidential election: What do voters want?


As France gears up for its most unpredictable presidential election in decades, AFP asked voters across the country about their expectations for their next leader.

From a fisherwoman in Brittany to a CEO near Paris, voters answered the following question: "What should be the priorities of the next French president?"

Mouslimati Boina-Mze, 24, training at a specialised college for young people without high school diplomas in Marseille, southern France:

"I want the new president to help young people find work easily. It's hard, it really is. Today, even if you leave school with qualifications, you can only find a job that is badly paid or demotivating.

"What the new president needs to do is improve information for young people. Many people don't even know there are local training centres for them."

"The most important thing is that the president gives power back to the people, because we're no longer being heard. Even when we protest, we're not listened to.

"I want the next president to repeal the (new) labour law. I think it's a bad idea that everything is sorted out internally in companies because that could lead to pressure being put on employees.

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