Water Scarcity Dogs Capital City


At a time when the State is already reeling under water scarcity, waste of water in most parts of the capital city is something that speaks much about the efficacy of Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) in effective management of water.

Such a scene can be evident at Raj Kumar Basti in Satya Nagar of the Smart City. Raising concerns over the issue, a visually-impaired social activist of the Basti, Sanyasa Behera had written a letter to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister Office (PMO) then directed the State government to act on the issue; however, the BMC is yet to take up any step in the area.

"The order of the PMO is not even getting materialized. Who will a common man or a visually impaired person approach with his woes? The celebration of World Water Day can be successful only if the consumption of contaminated water is at least prevented," said Behera.

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