Hrithik Roshan receives a surprise thank you note


Hrithik Roshan , who played a visually impaired man Rohan Bhatnagar on the silver screen in his recently released film 'Kaabil', received a handwritten letter from a boy whose actual name is Rohan Bhatnagar.

He is a college student from Ranchi and he has written a letter to express his gratitude to Hrithik for having made such a common name which he always wanted to change, so special with such a loved performance in Kaabil. This handwritten letter came to Hrithik's film office.

He also expresses how he felt a sudden shift in the way people around him reacted to his name post 'Kaabil' release.

Hrithik Roshan receives a lot of appreciative letters but this particular letter did not just catch his attention but it is something which will remain with him forever.

When asked Hrithik about it, he shared, "I am realising the significance of playing Rohan Bhatnagar after the release of the film. There is so much of love that this character seems to have generated. 

Everyday I discover something more about its effect. I am also glad that people are making effort and reaching out to me in this manner."

Hrithik's performance in 'Kaabil' has been universally applauded and it also played a major part in the film's success.

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