Here's why Salman Khan doesn't invite Nawazuddin Siddiqui to his parties


Salman Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui have forged one of the most uncanny and lasting on-screen friendships in their film 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'. 

The two stars were previously seen in a cat-and-mouse chase in their superhit action flick 'Kick' and Nawaz was also cast in Salman's home production 'Freaky Ali'. One may think that their off-screen bond runs deep and that the two are often invited to the other's private bashes.

However, in a recent interview, Nawazuddin revealed that, that was not the case. He claimed that Salman has stopped inviting him to his many parties and private bashes.

Before you jump to any conclusions, Nawazuddin explained that as he often feels "uncomfortable at a typical desi party" he has almost always turned down the actor's invitations. Now, he says people in the industry know better than to invite him, as they know his reply will always be 'no'.

Although he shies away from Bollywood parties, the actor has no qualms when it comes to walking the red carpet at various international festivals like Sundance, Berlin and Cannes.

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