US making progress in Iraq: Trump


President Donald Trump has said American troops are "doing well" in Iraq and the US is making progress in its fight against the dreaded terror group ISIS in the war-ravaged country.

At a reception hosted for Senators and their spouses yesterday, Trump said soldiers were fighting like never before and results are very good.

"We are doing well. I just had long call with (Defense Secretary) Gen (rtd James) Mattis. We are doing really well in Iraq. Our soldiers are fighting, and fighting like never before, and the results are very good, so I just wanted to let everyone know," Trump said.

The dinner reception was attended by a large number of Senators. However, as per the list of attendees, the only Indian-American Senator Kamala Harris from the Democratic Party did not attend it.

Trump exuded confidence that the healthcare bill, which could not be passed last week, would be passed eventually.

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