Trump-Xi meet to chart way forward for US-China ties: WH


The meeting between the US President Donald Trump and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping which begins tomorrow in Florida is an opportunity for them to chart a way forward for the bilateral ties between the two countries, the White House has said.

While the two leaders are likely to discuss a gamut of bilateral issues during the two-day meeting at Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence, matters related to trade, economic policies and North Korea are expected to figure prominently during their talks, senior White House officials said yesterday.

"This is really an opportunity for the two leaders to exchange views on each other's respective priorities and to chart a way forward for the US-China bilateral relationship," a senior White House official said.

"They will be talking about areas of common interest and also some of the clear areas of difference that we need to address in the relationship. President Trump really views this meeting as a first step towards building a constructive and a result-oriented relationship," the official told reporters ahead of the Mar-a-Lago summit between Trump and Xi.

The official said that the US would like to see the bilateral relationship based on reciprocity as the Trump administration wants to work with China to reduce systemic trade and investment barriers that they have created leading to an uneven playing field for the US companies.

"We want a level playing field so that bilateral trade and investment can be mutually beneficial," the official said.

The first White House official told reporters that North Korea clearly is a matter of urgent interest for the President and the Administration as a whole.

"I think the President has been pretty clear in sending the message as to how important it is for China to coordinate with the US and to begin exerting its considerable economic leverage to bring about a peaceful resolution to that problem," the official said.

On Sino-North Korean trade, the official said the economic leverage of China has not gone down with the , adding the issue will figure in the discussion.

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