2 kids bitten by stray dog scramble for special vaccine


Bengaluru: Two children bitten by a rabid stray dog in Whitefield on Wednesday night rushed to three hospitals in a desperate attempt to find a special vaccine.

A 3-year-old boy and a 9-year-old girl, both children of BBMP workers, were bitten by a dog in Whitefield on Tuesday night and were rushed to a hospital nearby on Wednesday morning where they were given anti-rabies vaccine. The hospital told a volunteer accompanying the kids that they also needed the rabies immunoglobulin vaccine to prevent infection and it wasn't available in the hospital.

After going from one part of the city to another, it was frustrating that neither hospital had such a crucial vaccine," the volunteer added.

Dr Ansar Ahmed, medical superintendent, Isolation Hospital, said, "We don't keep the rabies immunoglobulin vaccine because we hardly get such cases and the medicine has a very short expiry time. We immediately rush patients to Victoria Hospital in our ambulance."

The two children finally received the vaccine at Victoria Hospital and returned home late Wednesday evening. "Since 11am on Wednesday, these children had a harrowing experience. We were very scared of leaving the wound sore for so long," the volunteer added.

"The rabid dog died on Wednesday and the two children are under observation for14 days," said Bismi Anil, founder, Duma's Animal Welfare Trust, adding, "The problem lies with irregularities in the BBMP's Animal Birth Control (ABC) programme."

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