Delhi man claims to be assaulted by Arjun Rampal


Arjun Rampal's fun weekend in Delhi didn't go as planned and looks like the actor has landed himself in a soup. A police complaint has been filed with the Delhi Police by a man named Shobhit (who was present at the club where Arjun was playing at the DJ console), alleging that the actor hit him with a camera. Shobhit claimed Arjun hit him with a camera, which injured him. Though sources claim that Arjun hit the man because he was trying to click his pictures without his permission, Shobhit was quoted as saying in the report, "The incident happened at 3.30am. I don't know why he threw a camera at me." A senior police officer said in a report that Arjun "threw a camera flashlight towards the crowd hoping that someone will catch it. But it hit Shobhit on the head. He wasn't injured but the medical examination has found a lacerated wound."

No FIR has been registered against the actor as the police is looking into the matter. The police officials said that a man filed a complaint against Arjun as he refused to be clicked by a photographer and pushed him. Madhur Verma, PRO, Delhi Police said, "The incident happened last night when Arjun Rampal was at a nightclub. A photographer filed a complaint against him for hitting him and said that he threw his camera. No FIR has been registered in this case."

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