Truck, Hywa Catch Fire After Collision, Truck Helper Charred To Death


According to sources, the impact of the accident was so severe that both the vehicles had caught fire immediately. After getting information, fire brigade rushed to the spot and doused the fire, but within that time, the helper stuck inside the truck had already burned alive.

Chief Fire Officer, Gangadhar Acharya said, "We got information at about 2.15 am that a truck and hywa has met accident and caught fire, two units rushed to the spot immediately. After reaching we found that the fire was blazing vigorously and we started dousing it, and later we came to know that the helper was trapped inside a vehicle and was burned alive."

Though the identity of the helper is still to be established, he was known to be a resident of Telimunda village under Deogarh district. The driver of the truck, identified as Nimai Sahu, has sustained serious injuries and admitted to a nearby hospital.

Talking to OTV, Sahu said, "The hywa flashed its high beam head light and I also flashed my high beam head light when the vehicle unable to see the road rushed towards me and crashed with me. The fire caught immediately, I fell under the steering, my hands and legs were burnt."

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