Need to Provide Justice to Muslim Women: PM Modi on Triple Talaq


Seeking to link triple talaq with the larger issue of social justice for Muslim women, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked party workers to make it happen through dialogue and not discord.

In his valedictory address at the conclusion of the two-day BJP National Executive in Bhubaneswar, Prime Minister addressed the issue in the context of giving social justice to all, including Muslim women.

"He (Modi) talked about social justice. He said our Muslim sisters should also get justice. Injustice should not be done with them. Nobody should be exploited," Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said, quoting the Prime Minister.

"We do not want conflict within the Muslim community over this issue. What we have to do is that if there are any social evils, we have to wake the society up and make efforts to provide justice to them (Muslim women). That was the Prime Minister's spirit," Gadkari added.

The issue relating to Muslim personal law on divorce is being heard by the Supreme Court, and the Centre has already filed an affidavit opposing the practice. The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has opposed the move, calling it a direct interference in the personal laws of the minorities.

In a terse message to the motormouths among his ranks, Modi asked partymen to practice the "art of silence" when in power.

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