Kejriwal to Launch Movement If MCD Exit Poll Results Prove True


Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday warned he will launch a "movement" if the MCD exit poll results, which predict a mammoth BJP victory, prove to be true.

Addressing a gathering of poll observers at his residence, two days before the counting, Kejriwal said the AAP was born out of a movement, and it will not hesitate going back to its roots.
"If such results come then it proves that manipulation has happened, like in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Pune, Mumbai, Bhind and Dholpur. We are the product of a movement. We are not here to enjoy the pleasures of power. We will return to movement," he said.

Kejriwal added that more than win or loss, it's the "unabated tampering of EVMs" that bothered him.

He cited alleged instances of the AAP getting barely two votes in villages in Punjab, "even in places where people booed the Akalis out".

The meeting was also attended by senior party leaders including Ashutosh, Kumar Vishwas and MLAs. It came against the backdrop of a fallout between Kejriwal and Vishwas.

"The survival of the AAP is not just to win a few states, it is important for the country. Minorities are in difficulty and fear, people cannot travel with their livestock. To stop their false nationalism, to keep alive the real questions of this country raised at the Jantar Mantar, the AAP has to survive," Vishwas said.

AAP Delhi Convenor Dilip Pandey told PTI that the MCD poll results could be "rigged" and the ground for it was being prepared by "floating" exit polls predicting a BJP sweep.

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