Google India becomes most 'attractive employer brand' for second time


Google India ranked the most 'attractive employer brand' in a survey conducted by Randstad, making the company a third time winner of the Randstad award.

Mercedes-Benz was named the second best, according to the survey, titled Randstad Employer Brand Research 2017.

"Employer branding continues to be of strategic importance influencing the talent agenda, particularly so in an economy that's driven by knowledge workers," said Moorthy K Uppaluri, Randstad India MD and CEO.

Under sectoral categories, Amazon India won the title of the most attractive employers for e-commerce, ITC for FMCG and Philips India for consumer and healthcare.

The survey findings show that competitive salary and employee benefits were top considerations among the Indian workforce followed by good work-life balance and job security while choosing a potential employer.

Contrary to the above findings, good work-life balance still remained the top priority for IT professionals.

The survey also stated that multinational corporations emerge as the preferred workplace for employees across all profiles.

However, IT professionals and engineering talent indicated that they would rather work in a start-up ecosystem than in a SME sector and public sector respectively.

The survey also revealed that the country's workforce prefer to work for companies in the IT sector, followed by BFSI and retail & FMCG.

Further, the survey says that 31 per cent of employees are not loyal to any one industry or sector and remain open to change if the compensation awarded it better.

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