Deal with triple talaq as reform measure: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi


The Centre will make all attempts to convince the Muslim community that the triple talaq issue needs to be viewed as a "reform measure" and not part of any political agenda, minority affairs minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi has said.
"It is best that the reform comes from the community itself. We have had informal sessions with many groups from the community," Naqvi told ET on Sunday. The emphasis was on asserting that the government wanted to bring reforms and justice in the lives of women, he said. Triple talaq system gives a man the right to divorce his wife by just announcing it to her, without citing any justification or court approval.
Senior officials in the government said the Centre had been making attempts to reach out the Muslim community, bodies and NGOs that work in the area of justice, religious minorities and those that work with women. Many of these organisations have sought to consult the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) that has asserted that it has the "constitutional" right to implement Muslim personal law.

"To start with, we have reached out to liberal Muslim intellectuals, women's organisations, and have asked them to reach out to as many people as possible," a government official said. The line explained in the meetings was that Muslims in India needed to "show the path of modernity" to everyone else in the world, he said.

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